What is PATRIC?

PATRIC, the PAThosystems Resource Integration Center, is the NIH/NIAID-funded Bacterial Bioinformatics Resource Center, a web-based resource providing integrated omics data and analysis tools to support biomedical research on bacterial infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

At PATRIC, users can upload their private data into a workspace, analyze it using high-throughput services, compare it with other public data using visual analytics tools, and share results with other users.

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More About PATRIC

Key Features

  • Comprehensive collection of microbial genomes and related ‘omics data
  • Uniform microbial genome annotations
  • Curated genome metadata and AMR phenotypes
  • Easy to use high-throughput computational analysis services
  • Integrated analysis and visualization tools
  • Private workspace for analysis of user data
  • User data sharing and publishing
  • Programmatic access via Command-line Interface
  • Bulk data upload and download via FTP
Data Types

  • 185,000 public microbial genomes
  • 10,000 plasmids, 4,800 bacteriophages, 10 eukaryotic hosts
  • Genome annotations: genes, RNAs, repeats, CRISPRs, and protein functions
  • Protein families, subsystems, and pathways
  • AMR genes, virulence factors, drug targets, essential genes, and transporters
  • AMR phenotype data for 25,000 genomes and 130 antibiotics
  • 829 transcriptomic datasets
  • 65M protein-protein interactions